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Move・Japan Co.Ltd is based in Kouyoudai in IrumaCity, Saitama. We provide overseas and domestic removals, truck charters and a variety of other services to individuals, businesses and embassies. Our staff can expertly pack anything from cardboard box to a shipping container. We will then send it anywhere you like. Call us first or call us last, we will find a way.
Move・Japnan Co.,Ltd
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Overseas removals FAQ

1 How much will be cost?

The total cost is based on a number of factors :-
* The destination
* The quantity of goods.
* The delivery that you choose.
(i.e. door-to-port or door-to-door)
* Other options that we provide, for example, packing, ware housing etc.

2 How much is cubic meter?

When packing smaller articles, we use three sizes of packing boxes.

BoxDimensions W x L x HNo of boxes
Equivalent To 1m3
S47cm×32.5cm×26cm25 pieces
M47cm×35.5cm×38.5cm15 pieces
L55cm×46.5cm×38.5cm10 pieces

As a rough guide a medium-sized two-seater sofa would occupy about 1m3

3 What is the difference between door-to-port and door-to-door service?

Door-to-door service
Goods will be taken from your residence, shipped to a port in your destination country, cleared of customs and transported to your destination address.

Door -to-port service
Goods will be shipped as for an the port in the destination country only.
Costs for customs clearance and transport to the destination address are known as destination charges, and will be incurred separately.

4 What is a " triwall box " and why is it safer to use one ?

Triwall is an extra-strong triple-layered type of cardboard packing box. It measures 1.18m(D) × 2m(H) × 2.2m(L). It keeps all your goods together so they can be moved by forklift as a single items. It is strong enough to withstand any accidental knocks received in transit, and it can be closed with steel bands for extra security.


5 Are goods measured by volume or weight ?

Most overseas removals will be sent by sea. For this reason, goods will be measured by volume. Air freight is very expensive as it is based on weight and is therefore usually restricted to small quantities of goods.

6 What are destination charges ?

Destination charge are incurred when the shipment arrives at port in the destination country. They vary enormously from country to country, and are beyond our control. Generally, they include the following :-

THC --- Terminal Handling Charge
Unstuffing loading -- Charge for unloading a shipping container
Document fee -- Cost of paper work
Customs clearance -- Customs clearance fee
Handling charge -- Sundry expenses charged by the forwarder
Delivery charge -- Cost of transport by the moving company from the port to your home.

7 How long will my goods take to reach their destination ?

This depends on your location and the destination country, but some typical examples of pick up to destination port times are shown below:-

Arrival portDays
Melbourne25~30 days
Bordeaux30~40 days
Sydney20~30 days
Jedda40 days
Klang20~25 days
New york30 days
Chennai25~30 days
Los Angeles10~15 days
Hamburg30~40 days
Glasgow30~40 days

8 Can I pack the goods myself ?

Yes you can, but please note the following points:- T Non-breakable items e.g. clothing,
books etc should be packed in single-walled cardboard cartons.
Heavier items should be in smaller boxes, where possible.

U Breakable items should be packed in double-walled cartons.
Dishes etc should be individually wrapped in suitable packing paper.
Items should be packed in cartons carefully so they can not move around in transit.

V Larger items of furniture are move likely to be damaged in transit, so we strongly advice leaving this to our expect staff.

W Finally, we recommend the use of a triwall container to hold the whole shipment.
This keeps all your goods together inside the shipping container, and provides extrasecurity against misplacement or damage.

9 Can you pack my goods?

Yes we can. We have a lot of experience at carefully packing personal and household goods of all kinds. To ensure a smooth and stress-free move, we recommend leaving your packing to our team of professionals.

10 Why does the price not increase direct proportion to the volume of goods?

This is because only pant of the costs relate to the volume of goods.
See what are destination charges for more detail,

11 Why are charges different for moving house and for sending goods?

This is because your household effects when you move are treated as accompanied goods.
When you send items overseas unaccompanied, they are subject to different tax rates.

12 Can I do the customs clearance myself?

This is a time-consuming and complicated process, so unless you have experience we strongly advise against it. If you choose our door-to-port option we will introduce a forwarder in the destination country who will clear the goods through customs and hand them to you for transportation.

13 What about insurance?

We strongly recommend you insure your goods. This is charged at 1.5% of your estimated value of the goods, (As a rough guide up to 80% of the new price) If you need to make a clime, please contact us immediately.

14 Can you store my goods?

Yes we can. For security and convenience, we recommend our storage facilities in Japan. The first week is free of charge.

Domestic removals FAQ

Q Is a visual assessment necessary for you to make estamate?

A No, we can often give you an estimate without based on the information you give us. However a visual check help us to make a more accurate assessment and therefore to offer you a better price.

Q Do you prices vary according to peak or slack seasons?

A No, we maintain our prices as low as possible all your round.

Q I think one small truck will hold all my belongings. If they won't all fit in will the price double?

A If the second truck is less than half-full, we will give a 10% discount, if more then we will have to charge full price.

Q I want the goods delivered to more than one destination. How is the cost calculated?

A If we have to make two separate trips, there will be charge as such. If gods for one destination can be offloaded on the way to the next we will charge for one trip, plus a small extra fee.

Truck Charter FAQ

Q Can you collect the charter fee from the consignee.

A Yes, but we must confirm by phone with the consignee beforehand.

Q Can I charter a truck to transport goods from an origin other than my home to another destination?

A Yes you can. please provide names addresses and telephone number for the origin and destination. In this case the charter fee is payable in advance.

Q What quantity of goods can be carried?

A The maximum weight is 350 kg, maximum volume 2? or about 20 boxes measures 55p×46.5p×38.5p

Q I only have two small items which I want transporting a long distance as quickly and cheaply as possible. Can you help me?

A Don't worry! In this case, we have a method which is cheaper than chartering a truck. Please ask for details.

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